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In the late 1950s, Gillian Holroyd is a modern-day witch living in New York City's Greenwich Village. When she encounters charming publisher Shepherd Henderson, she decides to make him hers by casting a love spell. Gillian takes added pleasure in doing so because Henderson is engaged to her old college rival. However, Gillian finds herself actually falling for Shepherd, which poses a problem: She will lose her powers if she falls in love.

A Word from the Director

Come see a magical, whimsical comedy with real feeling. Set in the mod era of the early 1960’s, a modern-day witch has fallen in love with a mortal and as a consequence she would lose all her witchy powers. Is she willing to give it all up for him?

This is a great cast with some familiar ACLT folks and a couple new faces. And oh yeah…you might see a live cat named Pyewhacket!


Jim Williams, Director

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