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Thank you to,

Bill and Kathy Cissna

Carla Rae Armitage

Jane Lonon


For there Generous Donations

Lighting and Effects Needed

Greetings Friends!


For several years the Ashe County Little Theatre, Ashe County Arts Council and the Ashe Civic Center have been upgrading our lighting system at the Civic Center, we have upgraded to all  more efficient LED fresnels and pars that have some amazing color options. We have added one very special moving light.  New DMX system, cabling, splitters,  etc has give us some wonderful new options on how to light a show.  And of course our new ETC lighting board that has capabilities that we are just starting to explore.


We are very excited that our next Little Theatre production, Young Frankenstein, will utilize some of these great elements but we need a little help to purchase and rent some items.   


We seek to raise $2500.00 for the Young Frankenstein production to enhance what we already have!


We would like to rent 4 Martin MAC 250 Moving Heads. These are similar our special moving light that we affectionally call “The Kid”. These light are used to highlight dance scenes, increase audience immersion and for visual effects through movement, color changes and light patterns. These lights can be used for tracking an actor across the stage or lighting multiple spots on stage in many different scenes! A purchase of even one of these light is costly at between $2500-$6,000 apiece ( that is fundraising for another day!)…..We have found a place in Tennessee that rents them at a decent rate.


To add to the atmosphere of Young Frankenstein, we are looking to purchase two vertical fog machines and the “juice” to make them work. These will be used to create colorful fog onstage.  Gone are the days of the old fog machines that were hard to manipulate….these are efficient and easy to use!


If you would like to donate toward these items for Young Frankenstein visit our website at and use the paypal link to donate.  Any amount would be appreciated and you will be listed in the program as part of the lighting crew.

 Any donation over $500.00 will score you a couple of free tickets to the show!


If you would like to contact Rebecca, our producer, to give us a check or cash, respond to this email!


We hope that you will want to join Baron, Jim and Manny on the lighting crew!


I look forward to hearing from you!

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